Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! I am passionate about reading as a part of a lifelong education. The more you read history the more you realize that literacy is a gift that many people never got to enjoy. I want to use that gift to the fullest benefit possible within the time I have available. Every book I read becomes part of who I am and deepens my understanding of the world and myself. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on the mind-expanding power of books, so I like to share what I’ve read and encourage others to venture into reading territory they would not ordinarily attempt. All reading is good, but even the smallest step off your well-trodden path will crack open doors in your mind and let in new hues of light, causing you to see all that you see with new eyes and from new perspectives.

On this blog you will find piles of book reviews, both classic and contemporary. In addition to book reviews, sometimes I write about some aspect of my life and my reading, past or present. I will also share poetry and poetry discussion, and also some of my artwork. No matter your life circumstances, your age, or your income, everyone can choose to learn through reading and everyone can express themselves through writing or some other creative endeavor. Choosing to do so is a choice for personal freedom.

If you would like to request a book review or contact me for any other reason please email me at cjapple314@gmail.com.

Carol Apple

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  1. Nice to meet you! I’ll look forward to your posts and thoughts on books and life.

  2. I really like that enthusiasm and excitement about reading and so much agree with you about its connection with human freedom.

    • Hello Ian. I am loving the vast accessibility of great books – both to read and share – in this Age of Internet. For many people, up until recently, there were huge obstacles to acquiring books and learning. The best thing about these last couple decades is that those obstacles are melting away. Thank you for visiting!

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