40 Days of Poetry: Reflections for Lent

As a spiritual discipline for Lent 2014 I selected a poem each day and wrote a brief reflection inspired by the poem. Sometimes I focused on the relationship of the poet to the poem, sometimes on the text of the poem itself, and sometimes on its relevance to me and my world. I began a day late – Thursday March 6 rather than Ash Wednesday, March 5 and the 40 days ended on April 14th, the Monday before Easter Sunday.

  1. All is Well by Arthur Hugh Clough
  2. His Blindness by John Milton
  3. Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  4. My Life Has Been the Poem by Henry David Thoreau
  5. Dear March – Come in – by Emily Dickinson
  6. Prayer of St. Francis (attributed to St. Francis of Assisi)
  7. My Life Closed Twice Before it Closed by Emily Dickinson
  8. God’s Grandeur by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  9. Afternoon by Dorothy Parker
  10. The Power of the Dog by Rudyard Kipling
  11. Good-by by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  12. The Song of the Pratee by Alfred Perceval Graves
  13. Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau by William Blake
  14. On Reading a Child’s Guide to Modern Physics by W.H. Auden
  15. Patience, Hard Thing! The Hard Thing But to Pray by Gerard Manley Hopkins
  16. “Hope” is a thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson
  17. When Stretch’d on One’s Bed by Jane Austen
  18. A Grain of Sand by Robert William Service
  19. To Life by Thomas Hardy
  20. The Lamp of Life by Amy Lowell
  21. Accomplished Facts by Carl Sandburg 
  22. To a World Reformer by Friedrich von Schiller
  23. Tell all the truth by Emily Dickinson
  24. A Half-Way Pause by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
  25. To My Book by Ben Jonson
  26. A Character by William Wordsworth
  27. A Clear Midnight by Walt Whitman
  28. The Old Stoic by Emily Brontë
  29. Butterfly Laughter by Katherine Mansfield
  30. Euthanasia by Richard Crashaw
  31. Sonnet 107 by William Shakespeare
  32. The Leaden-Eyed by Vachel Lindsay
  33. A Song by Richard Crashaw
  34. The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens
  35. Blue Squills by Sara Teasdale
  36. Gubbinal by Wallace Stevens
  37. Mr. Toad by Kenneth Grahame
  38. On The Gift Of A Book To A Child by Hilaire Belloc
  39. A Rusty Nail by William Service
  40. A Better Resurrection by Christina Rossetti
  41. Death, Be Not Proud by John Donne
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